Art Connection
245 S 4th Street
Coos Bay, OR 97420
541-267-0186   coosartconnection@frontier.com
Hours:    Monday – Friday  9:30 to 5:30
              Saturday  10:00 to 5:00

Art Connection was founded in 1994 by two women, one of whom (Coni) was an experienced picture framer with excellent rapport with her customers having worked for another picture framer for many years.  Her strength is her creativity and fearlessness when tackling challenging framing projects.

The other founder (Rondi) was born with the “small shop-keeper” gene.  As a child she stacked and re-stacked the canned goods in her mother’s pantry and rang-up imaginary customers on a toy cash register.  A business degree and a stint working for a top-notch cookware shop helped to develop the gene.


Thanks to Carol Vernon for creating this caricature for us shortly after we opened the store.  We still look just the same (yah, right).    The pooch by my side would be Gypsy, my first labrador who helped us set up the store.  Sadly, she has left us and was followed by Rocky who served as “Greeter Extraordinaire” for 13 years.  We now have two labs to maintain the tradition, Waldo and Bella.

In April of 2012 we moved to our current location at 245 S. 4th in downtown Coos Bay.  Just a block from our old location but wonderful new space, bright and airy and easy to find!

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Sandi Miot says:

    Thank you for putting a link to my site on your website. However, my name is spelled wrong on your link on the side. Could that be corrected? By the way, I love the light and entertaining note you have struck with your site and I’ve bookmarked it for future visits. Happy Holidays, Sandi

  2. Keith Sluder says:

    Hello, I’m a Master Watercolorist. I will be doing a Driftwood Demo & Hands On for BAAA on July 10 as well as other Demos & Workshops at Sage Place in Bandon and Coos Art Museum in the next few months. I’ve done other workshops in Coquille as well as Brookings since last year. I teach in 4 states. In the article about what to bring to my July Demo, I noticed the BAAA newsletter saying “Art Connection will offer 16 x 20 art boards for $4.49 less our 10% discount”. Could you add a link from your website to mine? I’ll drop by and introduce myself when I get to your area. Keith

    • coosartconnection says:

      Thanks for the comment Keith, we’ve been hearing alot about your upcoming demo! The 16×20 artboard we have is Canson’s new product, genuine Arches watercolor paper bonded to an archival paperboard. The $4.49 price was our introductory price but we will be happy to extend that price until your demo on July 10. This product has been well received and is available in cold press, hot press and rough surfaces. We’d be happy to exchange links with you. Looking forward to meeting you!

      • Keith Sluder says:

        Hello Rondi,
        I’ve heard good things about the Canson artboard but I’ve never tried them. I have used Arches 300 lb watercolor paper and there have been times I’ve also bonded it to another artboard. So this sounds like we’re on the same page. I would really like to try a few as long as prospective students will be bringing them to my July 10 demo. How can I get a few artboards from you so I can learn their properties? Thanks for putting my website link on your website. Also, I just found out yesterday that I’m a finalist in the AWA National Exhibition!

  3. Corrine Loomis Dietz says:

    Hello Rondi and the marvelous crew of Art Connection,
    I will be in Coos Bay on Feb 3&4. Friday evening I will lecture at CAM about GOLDEN Acrylic Paint systems and the options for artists today. I am following this event with a Saturday workshop that gives artists a hands on opportunity! I am anxious to drop into your store and say hello!
    Best to you all,

    • coosartconnection says:

      Artists are very excited about your workshop…so glad you’ll be in town. Please do stop by, we look forward to seeing you!

    • coosartconnection says:

      We don’t have any planned at the moment Jessica. Watch our facebook page where we will announce any that we may have and also any others in our area!

    • coosartconnection says:

      Hi Brenda, we don’t stock model paint but can get Testor’s enamel for you on our weekly order.

  4. Anonymus says:

    I saw a couple molotow paint markers when I bought some markers the other day. It would be really neat If you had those. From what I’ve heard they work amazingly!

    • coosartconnection says:

      Yes, we are considering adding them in the near future…watch this space or follow us on facebook. Thanks!

    • coosartconnection says:

      We now have a limited selection of the Molotow markers in the store. We are happy to order specific colors for you if we don’t have what you need!

  5. Shaun Wiley says:

    Looking to find out about a painting in my possession signed Florence. Beautiful boat painting if anyone knows anything about it would be helpful.

    • coosartconnection says:

      If that is the artist’s signature it is not familiar to me. Perhaps bring it to a gallery in your area and see if they recognize the artist.

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