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Coloring Craze Headquarters!


Coloring books, pencils and markers for all ages.  Coloring is relaxing, meditative and fun!



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K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Summer)

Doing art doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.  Simple tools, a spot in the sun, take a deep breath and enjoy!  AA1004_X1



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Fine Art Materials Solvents

I found this excellent summary of artists solvents on the Eco-House website.  We are lucky that today there are many different solvents available for the artist.  By choosing the right solvent for the task the artist can minimize exposure to toxins and allergens.

” A Solvent must be capable of dissolving resins, oils, waxes and fats, so by definition a true solvent can’t be totally harmless. This means that vital human organs are at risk when volatile solvents enter the body by inhalation. The most toxic compounds in low-grade petroleum solvents are aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, which also cause their obnoxious smell. For instance, benzene which is the main aromatic component in solvents, is about 300 times as toxic as a truly odourless mineral spirit. Technically the most aggressive solvent is not needed for every job. Therefore an artist must be able to make a targeted choice in the solvent strength, limiting the associated health risk and using adequate protection.”

Eco-House offers three different strength solvents…

“Extra Mild Citrus Thinner is a medium-strength, general-purpose thinner and mild solvent. It is a combination of highly purified cosmetics-grade hydrocarbons and natural essential oils. Use for thinning and clean-up of oil-based products, resins, tars, gums, varnishes and waxes. It may also be used as a volatile medium with most conventional oil-based paint products including fine artist’s oil paints. It dries slower than turpentine, keeping the paint workable for a longer period of time. Flashpoint greater than 142° F and OEL > 300 ppm.

NeutralThin is a practically odorless general-purpose thinner, brush cleaner and volatile painting medium for oil-based paints and artist paints. It is free of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. This hypo-allergenic formula without essential oils has been used successfully by chemically sensitive artists for more than a decade. However, due to the individual uniqueness of allergic reactions, exceptions are possible. Flashpoint greater than 142° F and OEL > 300 ppm.

Natural Orange Terpene Solvent is a potent solvent that can be a full-fledged substitute for turpentine, since it dissolves damar resin solids, hardened paint, etc. It is free of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. However, like many natural essential oils, it can have a sensitizing effect on sensitive artists if it is used too liberally. Therefore it should be used only in well-ventilated areas for those tasks where its use is unavoidable. Mixable with other Eco-House solvents in any desired ratio.”

Many other fine art solvents are available.  Of course, any solvent should be used with adequate ventilation and only as necessary.

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Colored Pencil Resources

Here’s a glimpse of the colored pencil shelf in the book department.  We have two additions to the colored pencil line-up, Irojiten pencils from Tombow and Tri-tone from Koh-i-noor.  Irojiten is smooth and strong with some interesting new colors.   Each Tri-tone is a blend of three harmonious colors in one pencil:Mar2013

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Paint by Number

A blast from the past?  or new to you?  Paint by number kits are still available and and a great way to overcome the fear of picking up a brush for the first time.  Some like to follow the numbers carefully while others use them as a guide and add their own personal touches.  Either way, these kits are a fun and inexpensive way to try your hand with a brush!


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Opportunity for Artists!


Oregon Coast Council for the Arts



Call for Visual Artists:

Be one of the first artists in your county to exhibit in the new Coastal Oregon Visual Artists Showcase for Mid-Career Artists. Plus, have a video capturing your work and process that becomes a permanent part of the Coastal Oregon Visual Artist Archive.

Follow this link for complete details and application form:


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Montana Acrylic Markers!

Now in stock…Montana Acrylic Markers!  All the colors in fine and extra-fine, these are awesome!  Smooth flow and excellent coverage, only $5.95 ea.

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Painted Shoes Workshop!

Jacquard Products is sponsoring a workshop to show you how to bring a little magic to your mules, a little sparkle to you sneakers or a little highlight to your heels.    You supply the footwear…bring a pair of clean shoes (leather, canvas and faux leather are best) and we’ll supply the product and expertise to send you home with a work of art!

At Art Connection on Tuesday, August 21st at 11:00.  Round up a pair of shoes and join us for some fun!

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Pigma ‘Calligrapher’ Marker

   Just arrived, a new calligraphy marker pen from Sakura!

Features a durable nylon tip and the quality Pigma ink you know and love…fade resistant and waterproof.  Available in three sizes: 1, 2 and 3mm and six colors.  We have the full range in stock for $3.49 ea.  Try them!

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This will be an awesome show…don’t miss!


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